Designer Web Graphics – Using Internet Graphics For Best Conversion

Web graphics that are stunning, effective and quick to load don’t just happen by accident. It takes a skill to combine natural visual talents with web design knowledge and graphic styling. Effective web design connects knowledge to show-how.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor 2012 Occupational Outlook lists the median salary for graphic designers at $21.22 an hour (1). Entry-level education is determined by a Bachelor’s Degree. In 2012, graphic design had 259,000 jobs. Graphic design professionals work in specialized agencies that include:


  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Publishing
  • AND Web graphic design.


Website Graphics Optimized to Deliver Superior Web Performance

Graphic website designs that are well-crafted present a stunning display of imagery and color. This is because the artist has not learned the SEO skills that make it all work. Web imagery is not only about vision and color blending. You can always expect to see optimized web graphics that will speed up your website’s loading speed.

Designer web graphics are smaller in size and take up less server space. They load quicker than regular images. They spark the imagination. The end result is that they inspire the viewer to achieve your business goals. The process is neither simple nor easy. It requires an expert in graphic website development.

Graphic optimization includes three processes:


  1. Physical Size Reduction
  2. Reduction of the number displayed colors
  3. The image resolution can be reduced by reducing the number or dots per inch.


The principles and methods of each process are best understood and applied by website graphic designers who have been trained. Expert graphic designers have the ability to edit existing images and create custom graphics. This allows them to bring your website alive while maintaining the best loading speeds.

Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Information Technology Division sets the maximum acceptable web image size at 150KB (2). They advise website graphic designers to limit images’ gray-scale whenever possible. Due to the speed and availability of Internet connections, many sites choose to use color graphics for longer periods of time.

Another tip that designers can use to reduce image load time is:


  • Thumbnail Links: Using gray-scale thumbnails for links to full size full color images will save your visitor the cost of downloading images not appealing to their interests.
  • Main Image Size- Limiting large files to 400-500 pix helps increase loading speed, while also reducing the need to scroll.
  • Thumbnail description – By including the file size of the main photo in the thumbnail captions, the visitor will have an idea of loading times
  • Captions: Use captions for information about what the viewers are seeing, the meaning of the image to the site, the viewer and what they should be looking for in the image.


How to Find Awesome Website Graphics

You can create website graphics in many ways. Some designers find images and alter them for free. Another web graphics designer custom-crafts every image. Each method is used to create the most efficient web design team.

Free Images

Warning: Not all images on the internet are free. Take care when you search. Many photographers and artists share their images freely with the public. Some offer unlimited usage, while others ask for nothing. Some simply ask for a link. Make sure you are familiar with the copyright notice on shared “so called” website graphics. Respect the rights granted to artists.

Customized Website Images

Even though web designers have the ability to modify existing images, custom graphics can only be created by talented Internet artists. The ability to design beautiful, efficient, and effective designer graphics is not something that everyone has.